About me

Hi, I'm Igor. I'm currently a Teaching Professor at Insper and also an open source software developer. Most of my contributions go to elementary linux, although I also contribute to other projects occasionally.


Curriculum Vitae

A list of academic publications can be found in my Google Scholar profile.


Most of my time is currently devoted to teaching and writing educational open source software. Course materials are open and published at Insper's github org. Educational software is published at our second github org.

When I'm not involved with teaching I contribute to open source software. I believe that writing software that people use is important both as a learning experience and as way to influence the way we do computing.

  • Open Development course (Pt-BR): students contribute to FLOSS software and experience the contact with the community of people that develop it.
  • elementary: I contribute mainly with Camera, Code and Terminal, but also have minor contributions in other places. (details)


You can show appreciation of what I'm doing by buying me a coffe and/or following me on twitter at @igor_montagner.